Local Pickup


Order online & Pick up in store.

Kapolei, Hawaii: Mehana Community (near foodland)

How to:

  • Once you are finished shopping add this feature to your cart.
  • Select your Day below
  • Pickup time is between 8am to 1:30pm 
  • Upon checkout use discount code "pickup" or your shipping will be refunded once your order is picked up. (if you are a special promotion code and want to pick up your item, we will refund your shipping once your order is picked up)

Pick Up

  • Once your day is approved you will receive an email with the pickup instructions.

Orders must be made within 24 hours before picking up date. Please email us for same day pickup. Email: Sweetsweethoneyhawaii@gmail.com to reschedule your pickup.

Any orders that are not picked up on the day that is scheduled will get a reschedule email. If you are unable to pick up your order, we will charge you for shipping and your order will be shipped to you. (if you already paid for shipping there will be no extra charge)



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