MultiPurpose Cover

Whats a multipurpose cover? Most moms who found the multipurpose cover cannot live without them. Just like our goal to create fun tropical prints, came with an array of products we needed to fill them with, a multipurpose was a must because who would've thought that this endless fabric could be so beneficial? First of all, we took our amazing cotton, spandex jersey blend, which is lightweight and breathable for moms who are using it to cover up while breastfeeding, because sometimes we just need to cover up.

As our child is sleeping while we are out & about, we don't want germs, sunlight, or even the people around them waking them up or just bugging our children, we need a sense of privacy! This cover is another way to just do that, but putting it over the car seat, creating a peekaboo just enough for air and for us to check on them.

Other ways to use this multipurpose cover? As a shopping cart over & high chair cover to keep your child germ free from public use products.

We also had some moms use this as a scarf & swaddle blanket.